RAW Arena to deliver unique RAW games to PAF

RAW Arena, the aggregator arm of the RAW Group, has signed a deal to supply its differentiated portfolio of RAW games to PAF.

The important milestone deal sees PAF gain access to RAW’s new and innovative patent pending SuperSlice® titles such as Wheels of RockJourney to Chaos and the super popular, Lucky McGee’s SuperSlice Swirl. RAW’s new patent pending SuperTracks® set of games also got off to an amazing start with SuperTracks Railways recently launched in November.

As well as RAW iGaming’s newly released innovative titles, PAF will also have access to content from RAW Arena’s premium aggregated partners, made possible through it’s partnership program. RAW third-party partners deliver unique content that represents a differentiated opportunity for operators to create a diverse offering for their players. Launching with PAF illustrates RAW Arena’s ability to deliver its innovative aggregated partner offering as well as it’s own unique content.

The partnership will boost RAW’s exposure across new jurisdictions which have been identified as high-priority markets for both parties.


RAW Arena was launched in April 2022 through RAW iGaming’s acquisition of Leander Games and their bullet-proof aggregation platform. RAW Arena provides distribution across fourteen regulated markets, and the innovative games from RAW iGaming are only available through the Arena platform. The RAW mission is to shake up the industry through innovative products and services that stand out.


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